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Police Apprehend Two Women For Attempted Culpable Homicide In Nasarawa

Evening News Recap For November 10th, 2019 Police in Nasarawa have apprehended two women for attempted culpable homicide. The two women Mercy Friday and Tani Diwu who are currently at the state’s criminal investigation department are alleged to have taken a thirteen-year-old boy, Ovey Friday who is their stepson and grandson to a herbalist over accusation of witchcraft. Find these stories and others in this edition of The News in Two Minutes. Two Minutes gives you a rundown of the most important news for the day. Start your morning updated and end the evenings with a recap of the day’s headlines. All in two minutes. Don't forget to subscribe: Watch more interesting videos: Follow Channels Television On: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Get more news on our website:

5 Youtubers That Were Murdered

Not only Hollywood, but YouTube as well, has produced many stars over the years. Actors, musicians, comedians, creative people - many have made their careers by posting daily videos, doing what they do best. Unfortunately, some of these YouTubers didn't live to see how famous they've become posthumously. The following list explains the lives (and deaths) of some of them, with some of the motives remaining mysterious even today. ► Subscribe For New Videos! ► Watch our "10 Most Insane People You Won't Believe Exist" video here Watch our "8 Amazing Real Life Heroes Caught On Tape" video here Watch our "Products You Will Never Eat After Watching This Video" video here ► Subscribe For New Videos! ► Follow Us On Social Media Twitter Facebook ► For copyright issues, send us an email at :